Children's Film Festivals Database 2013-2106


MiCi, Mostra International Cinema Educatiu, Spain
Festival Creation : 2013
Festival Dates : March
Public attendance : 10,000 visitors
Festival Type : Competitive
Animated Film Awards : Best short Animation, Made for kids, Made by kids
2015 on Award-Winning Animated Films of International Children's Film Festivals Database.

Festival Description : MICE is a children's films festival with a part dedicated to education.
Josep Arbiol, festival's director, 2015 catalog :
"The teaching of media has evolved and today it is considered an important part of education due to its immediate relevance to contemporary society. Communication is no longer restricted to spoken and written language. It also encompasses the reading of images and writing of audiovisual documents. Reading and writing visual messages should be a very relevant skill in the lives of students, as relevant in fact as reading and writing verbal language. As the media is present wherever we are,its teaching must also be applied to all fields of education. This implies the teachers’ and students´ need for media literacy, as audiovisual education is not limited to one area but it´s a common factor in all subjects. We need media education and new tecnologies because they are a privilege in our society, and also a similar revolution to the printer at thetime. Audiovisual education will create future critical readers and consumers of media. Thanks to media literacy media professionals will have a well-informed demanding audience with ample technical knowledge."