Children's Film Festivals Database 2013-2106

Cinekid (non competitive)

Cinekid, International Film, The Netherland
Festival Creation : 1986
Festival Dates : October
Public attendance : 60,000 visitors
Festival Type : Non competitive. Awards for Junior Co-production Market : Cinekid Power to the Pixel Prize, Eurimages Co-production Development Award, CfP Best Project Award
2014, 2015 on Award-Winning Animated Films of International Children's Film Festivals Database.

Festival Description : This ten days’ event in Amsterdam and throughout the country (30 cities in the Netherlands) covers all aspects of the media industry for young audiences and offers workshops and master classes as well as high-quality media. For more than 25 years, Cinekid has been striving to promote the production of high-quality media for children, to ensure that special media productions are accessible to them and to involve the young target audience actively and creatively in media. Cinekid is achieving this by successfully running the ten days’ yearly national Cinekid festival (60,000 visitors) and the Cinekid for Professionals’ conference, which serves as an operating base for more than 400 international media professionals. In addition, ongoing projects locally and abroad like workshops, film screenings, an online media creation platform and digital tools, are reaching a total of 50,000 children.
The festival is non competitive but there are some awards for the the Junior Co-production Market.
The Junior Co-production Market is an integrated 2-day co-production market that enables financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess new and innovative projects across the cross-media, film and television sectors.